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Wages of Estonian military to grow to level 1/3 higher than natl avearge

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TALLINN, Feb 13, BNS – According to the development plan of the Defense Ministry's area of government for the next four years, the wages of active service military personnel are set to grow to a level higher by one-third than the national average wage.

The development plan for the domain of national defense for 2019–2022 envisages a pay increase of about one-third for people in active military service to a level where it would be higher by one-third than the national average wage.

The commander of the defense forces, Gen. Riho Terras, told reporters on Tuesday that the pay increase for active service personnel is one of the most important priorities of the development plan for him. The defense chief said that the last major increase in the pay of defense personnel took place in 2013, after which wages have risen by as much as the consumer price index.

Also Defense Minister Juri Luik described the forthcoming wage rise as important.

The secretary general of the Defense Ministry, Jonatan Vseviov, said that the defense forces as an employer must keep pace with the labor market, where wages have been growing of late.

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Published: 13.02.2018 14:36

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