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Estonian navy commissions diver, support vessel Wambola
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    Estonian navy commissions diver, support vessel Wambola

    TALLINN, Nov 01, BNS - In a ceremony at the naval base in Tallinn on Tuesday, the Estonian navy decommissioned the diver and support vessel Tasuja and commissioned a reserve vessel of the same class, Wambola.

    1st Ltn. Ermo Jeedas was appointed commander of Wambola and the crew of Tasuja, including eight conscripts, will continue their service aboard Wambola, military spokespeople said.

    Wambola and her sister ship Tasuja were acquired by Estonia in 2006. From 2017, Wambola will start performing the duties of staff ship of the NATO standing mine countermeasures group.

    Also on Tuesday, a friendship agreement was signed between Wambola and the North Estonian port town Kunda, which from 2006 onwards has been wearing the coat of arms of Kunda to promote the town in foreign harbors.

    "The whole crew of the ship have been extremely satisfied with the relationship with Kunda town. Therefore signing the cooperation agreement between Wambola and Kunda came at the initiative of both parties," Jeedas said.

    "Cooperation with the Estonian navy and the crew of the Tasuja has been extremely pleasant. Considering that usually contacts like this tend to be superficial, we are pleased to have an immediate contact with the Tasuja crew," Kunda town mayor Kaido Veski said.

    Wambola is a Lindormen class vessel built at Svendborg Wharf in Denmark in 1977. Denmark has previously used Lindormen class minelayers as staff and support vessels in the NATO standing mine countermeasures force.

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    • Published: 01.11.2016 18:25
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