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Estonian formin: NATO's open door policy continues
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    Estonian formin: NATO's open door policy continues

    TALLINN, Dec 05, BNS - Wednesday's meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels focused on taking forward NATO's relationship with the Western Balkan countries and opportunities to support Afghanistan and Estonian Foreign Minister Sven Mikser said the allies reaffirmed commitment to NATO's open door policy.

    "Macedonia and Greece have demonstrated good will to solve the Macedonia name dispute. Hopefully it will make it possible to welcome Macedonia as the 30th member of NATO next year," Mikser was quoted by ministry spokespeople as saying at the meeting.

    The minister explained that the NATO accession perspective will increase regional stability and foster the development of common values. "It is a process that will improve safety in the NATO neighborhood and consequently the safety of allies," he added.

    Next steps in relations between NATO and Bosnia and Herzegovina were also discussed in Brussels. The ministers affirmed NATO's readiness to accept the submission of the country's first Annual National Program (ANP), which will support Bosnia and Herzegovina in implementing political, economic and defense reforms.

    The Estonian foreign minister also underscored the need to turn more attention to Russian strategic influence operations in the Western Balkan region.

    NATO allies and partners supporting Afghanistan discussed opportunities to promote the country's peace process and enhance security. In recent months, NATO allies have increased their support for Afghanistan with additional funds and forces.

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    • Published: 05.12.2018 15:28
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