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Final phase of Spring Storm exercise starts in Estonia
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    Final phase of Spring Storm exercise starts in Estonia

    TALLINN, May 18 (LETA--BNS) - Performance of tactical combat missions, making up the final phase of the Spring Storm military exercise of the Estonian defense forces, is set to start on Thursday.

    In this phase counteraction to the 1st Infantry Brigade and NATO battle group will be carried out by the 2nd Infantry Brigade, which alongside Estonian personnel includes German, U.S., Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish company-sized units during the exercise. The 2nd Infantry Brigade also includes Finnish and Dutch pioneers.

    The commander of the 1st Infantry Brigade, Col. Veiko-Vello Palm, said that after three days of interoperability training between different subdivisions, they are ready to fight back against the "enemy". "Achieving interoperability of the brigade, in which conscripts, reservists and active service personnel proved our unity shoulder to shoulder, gives use certainty and courage," Col. Palm said. "We know that there are difficult battles ahead of us, but the fist of the brigade is ready to punch."

    The two brigades will meet in East-Viru County, where the units of the 1st Infantry Brigade are moving to from the central training ground and units of the 2nd Infantry Brigade from Sirgala.

    The commander of the 2nd Infantry Brigade, Col. Eero Rebo, said that they will start their attack from Johvi, the capital of East-Viru County. "Once we have reached the central training ground we will assume the defense position," he said.

    The scenario of the training battle foresees five days of battle using light equipment and battles using heavy equipment on May 23 and 24, which means the addition of tank units.

    Some 9,000 defense personnel, reservists, Kaitseliit (Defense League) volunteers and soldiers from 15 allied and partner nations are taking part in Spring Storm. In addition to Estonian troops and British, French, Danish and U.S. soldiers based at Tapa, personnel from Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Georgia are taking part in the exercise. Airborne assets for the exercise are provided by the United States, Poland, Belgium and Spain.

    The exercise will conclude with a lineup at the central training ground of the Estonian defense forces on May 25.

    • Published: 18.05.2017 12:03
    • LETA
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