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Several thousand allied troops and military equipment to participate in military exercises in Latvia
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    Several thousand allied troops and military equipment to participate in military exercises in Latvia

    RIGA, May 16 (LETA) - Several thousand allied troops, as well as warplanes and armored vehicles will participate in three major international military exercises that will take place in Latvia this coming summer and fall.

    Military exercise Saber Strike 18 will be taking place in Latvia, Estonia and Poland from June 3 to 15. In Latvia, 3,000 soldiers from 13 NATO countries, including from Latvia, will participate in the exercise that will take place at the Adazi military base as well as in Rucava, Nica, Grobina, Priekule, Durbe, Aizpute, Skrunda, Vainode and Saldus regions in Kurzeme, Gunars Grikmanis from the National Armed Forces' Joint Headquarters told reporters today.

    U.S. fighters and helicopters, drones, armored vehicles, and artillery will participate in the exercise. The goal of the exercise is to improve NATO member and partner countries' preparedness for conventional warfare and brigade-level operations, said Grikmanis.

    At the same time, 800 U.S. paratroopers will land at the Adazi military base as part of the Swift Response exercise that will be taking place at the same time as Saber Strike.

    Finally, Namejs 2018, the largest military exercise organized by the National Armed Forces to date, will be held in the entire territory of Latvia from August 20 to September 2, involving Latvian soldiers, Home Guard members, reserves, Interior Ministry's personnel, and allied troops.

    More than 10,000 people from Latvia will participate in the Namejs exercise, as well as about 650 troops from Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, and United States. The drills will also involve preparing for hybrid threats.

    • Published: 16.05.2018 16:42
    • LETA
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