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Daylight to be used to continue fighting fire at Adazi military training ground

RIGA, June 13 (LETA) – Fighting the fire at Adazi military training ground continues and will be conducted during daylight, the State Forest Service (VMD) reported.

When the dark sets in, the fire will still be monitored to avoid spreading again.

VMD said that several days will be needed to put out the fire completely.

As reported, the fire at the Adazi military training ground has consumed 770 hectares of vegetation and firefighting efforts still continue. A more accurate estimate of the fire damage to natural resources will be produced at some later time.

Dry grass and moss caught fire in the Adazi military training ground around noon on June 10. A major firefighting operation has been launched with participation of the personnel and vehicles of the State Forest Service and the State Fire and Rescue Service as well as troops and a helicopter of the National Armed Forces, including allied soldiers currently stationed at the Adazi military base, and volunteer firefighters from the nearby Incukalns municipality.

Published: 13.06.2018 16:51

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