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Estonia's 1st Infantry Brigade prepares for Kevadtorm exercise
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    Estonia's 1st Infantry Brigade prepares for Kevadtorm exercise

    TALLINN, Jan 25, BNS - A two-week planning exercise, Furious Breeze, aimed at preparing the 1st Infantry Brigade, the allied forces and the Estonian Kaitseliit (Defense League) volunteer corps for the Kevadtorm (Spring Storm) exercise, ended on Friday in the Tapa compound of the defense forces.

    The exercise, which was led by the headquarters of the 1st Infantry Brigade, was attended by all unit staffs of the brigade, military spokespeople said. The headquarters of the Northern regional command of Kaitseliit, the staff of the 23rd Infantry Battalion of the 2nd Infantry Brigade as well as the lecturers and students of the Estonian National Defense College also participated in the exercise.

    In the course of the exercise, various tactical situations and command post procedures were played through to determine the level and preparedness of the staffs.

    "During this week, I have seen the brigade, members of the Kaitseliit and the personnel of the National Defense College exhibit a lot of initiative, positive attitudes, as well as the will to learn and be a bit better than before the exercise," commander of the 1st Infantry Brigade, Col. Vahur Karus said.

    Participants in the Furious Breeze exercise included over 200 personnel of the defense forces, members of Kaitseliit, allied troops and reservists. The number of reservists called up to the exercise was higher than usual. 

    "It is very good that reservists can participate in staff and planning exercises -- it gives [them] the opportunity to stay informed and continuously remain useful to the battalion," reservist MSgt. Juri Vissarionov of the Artilley Battalion said. Vissarionov has been living in Finland for the past seven years, and has each time found a way to fulfill his reservist duty. 

    The exercise included planning the maneuvers of the 1st Infantry brigade in case of an invasion of a notional enemy in northeastern Estonia. 

    The plans will be put to the test in the field at the Kevadtorm 2019 exercise taking place mainly in the East-Viru region at the end of April this year.

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    • Published: 25.01.2019 16:23
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