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Estonia: Almost 200 cases of damage to environment, property registered during Siil
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    Estonia: Almost 200 cases of damage to environment, property registered during Siil

    (Corrects lead, 2nd para)

    TALLINN, May 14 , BNS - Altogether nearly 200 cases of damage to roads and the environment were registered during Siil (Hedgehog) 2018, the largest military exercise conducted in Estonia ever, and one-tenth of the damage cases have been righted already.

    "Civil-military cooperation people of the defense forces have registered 192 cases of damage, 20 of which have been righted by now and 172 still need to be solved. These are cases of damage to roads and the landscape which the defense forces eliminate as quickly as possible either by their own forces or using the aid of cooperation partners," a spokesman for the defense forces told BNS on Monday.

    "It has to be pointed out separately that the people responsible for civil-military cooperation at the exercise charted several illegal dumping sites in forests, including in nature reserves, and informed landowners and land managers thereof," the spokesman added.

    The 2018 edition of Siil, which ended with a training battle in the southern border town Valga on Saturday, started on May 2. Different scenarios were played out during the exercise, in the course of which the Police and Border Guard Board, the Rescue Board, Kaitseliit (Defense League), the defense forces, municipalities and other organizations, as well as units of allied and partner nations polished their skills in joint action. Over 18,000 people from 19 countries took part in the exercise.

    In the previous Siil exercise, held in the first half of May 2015, more than 13,000 reservists, Kaitseliit volunteers, conscripts, active-service military and allied personnel took part.

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    • Published: 14.05.2018 15:25
    • LETA, BNS
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