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Lithuanian govt moves to allow downing drones flying over military areas
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    Lithuanian govt moves to allow downing drones flying over military areas

    VILNIUS, Feb 21, BNS - The Lithuanian government approved on Wednesday legal amendments to allow shooting down uncrewed aircraft flying without permission over military areas.

    The amendments, which will now go to the parliament for approval, would also ban unauthorized drones from flying over military areas and filming or photographing these areas.

    The proposed legislation would also give authorities the right to persecute or detain persons illegally visualizing military areas.

    The Defense Ministry says that the amendments are aimed at filling in existing gaps in the legal regulation.

    "An analysis of national security threats points to a sharp increase in the number of cases of surveillance, photographing and video recording of military facilities since 2014. The number of flights by unmanned aerial vehicles over military territories and exercise zones has been steadily growing, too," the ministry said in explanatory notes to the bill.

    "Surveillance and video recording of military facilities can be used by foreign intelligence services. Also, unmanned aerial vehicles can be used as weapons," it said.

    The ministry underlines that the existing legislation is not sufficient to prevent this threat.

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    • Published: 21.02.2018 14:53
    • LETA, BNS
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