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Estonian infantry platoon conducts night patrol in Mali
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    Estonian infantry platoon conducts night patrol in Mali

    TALLINN, Mar 15, BNS – The Estonian infantry platoon ESTPLA-28 serving in Mali on Thursday night conducted a night patrol to the west of the town of Gao, where it checked activity on the RN-16 main road between Gao and the Mopti area.

    In the course of the six-hour patrol, the platoon exited the Gao base to a distance of almost 20 kilometers, where it secured a position selected earlier on the key terrain and manned observation posts for one hour, military spokespeople in Tallinn said.

    "For us the patrol was made difficult by the need to cross the Niger river at night, which required greater ability from the platoon to notice potential threats when crossing the narrow section of the river," said the commander of the platoon, Lt. Mart Voolaid.

    The RN-16 road is the only road linking Gao and the Mopti region south of the Niger river and it also serves as a direct road to the capital Bamako.

    Last week, the change of the French battle group that is the lead unit of ESTPLA-8 at the Gao base was completed. As part of the changeover, responsibility was taken over from the 1st Infantry Regiment of a joint Franco-German brigade that has served at the Gao field base since October by the 2nd Infantry Regiment of French Marines. 

    ESTPLA-28 has just less than a month of its term of service in Mali left, after which it will be replaced by the ESTPLA-30 infantry platoon.

    Operation Barkhane is a French-led anti-insurgent mission in the Sahel region, which was initiated in 2014. The objective of Barkhane is to support the governments of the Sahel region countries Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, and Chad in their fight against Islamic terrorists, prevent illegal migration and human trafficking.

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    • Published: 15.03.2019 15:35
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