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Estonian defmin on exercise: Looks like everything's going as planned
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    Estonian defmin on exercise: Looks like everything's going as planned

    TALLINN, Dec 07, BNS - The Okas (Quill) defense readiness exercise announced by the Estonian government on Monday is going as planned, Defense Minister Juri Luik said at the government press conference Thursday.

    "Very few countries are doing things like this, in our view this is the best way how to test the real capability of our reserve army," Luik said.

    The minister said that the exercise also demonstrates the patriotism of all the young people who responded to the call and turned up at the Johvi campus of the defense forces.

    "I believe that snap exercises like this are maybe the best method for doing it. When we are in a crisis we haven't got three months for advance notice," Luik said.

    The minister added that while the degree of success of the exercise cannot be assessed before Saturday evening, at present everything si going as planned.

    Five hundred reservists had gathered in the Johvi campus of the defense forces by Thursday morning and 45 reservists had informed the Viru Infantry Battalion of being late.

    The reservists who arrived at the Johvi campus were handed uniforms, equipment and a service weapon. Next the reservists were due to be instructed on safety measures and given repeat training in firearm safety, after which training in unit tactics was to begin.

    Also the Scouts Battalion of the 1st Infantry Brigade and the NATO battle group stationed in Estonia are taking part in Okas 2017.

    The government held an emergency e-meeting on Wednesday to announce an extraordinary additional reservist training event for 669 reservists.

    Military spokespeople said that the emergency reservist training event, titled Okas, will involve reservists of the 13th battalion of the 1st Infantry Brigade, who have been summoned to appear at the Johvi compound of the defense forces no later than 9 a.m. on Dec. 7.

    In accordance with the National Defense Act, the government may announce an additional reservist training to rehearse and check the accelerated achieving of combat readiness of reserve units without 120 days' advance notice.

    In the first similar snap defense readiness exercise held in December 2016, more than 300 reservists and Kaitseliit volunteers were called up in North and South Estonia.

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    • Published: 07.12.2017 14:41
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