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Estonia: Kaitseliit volunteer corps has slightly under 26,000 members
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    Estonia: Kaitseliit volunteer corps has slightly under 26,000 members

    TALLINN, Dec 04, BNS - The number of members of the Estonian volunteer defense corps Kaitseliit (Defense League) and affiliated organizations has declined a bit in recent months and stood at 25,984 as on Nov. 30, spokespeople for Kaitseliit said on Tuesday.

    Members of Kaitseliit proper numbered 15,715, members of the women's arm Naiskodukaitse 2,554, and members of the boys' and girls' organizations, Noored Kotkad and Kodututred, 3,713 and 4,002.

    At the end of June, membership of Kaitseliit and its affiliated organizations stood at 26,170. Kaitseliit members numbered 15,787, members of Naiskodukaitse 2,557, members of Noored Kotkad 3,728 and members of Kodututred 4,098.

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    • Published: 04.12.2018 19:54
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