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Estonia: Over 100 Siil shirkers fined
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    Estonia: Over 100 Siil shirkers fined

    TALLINN, Jan 10, BNS - Over 100 reservists, who did not turn up for the large-scale exercise Siil (Hedgehog) in Estonia last spring and did not provide a reason for their absence, have received a fine.

    The Estonian defense forces have initiated proceeding regarding roughly 400 reservists who did not turn up for the Siil exercise in May 2018. Currently, over 140 proceedings are still ongoing, spokespeople for the defense forces said. A total of 113 reservists have been fined for their failure to neither report for the exercise nor provide a reason for their absence.

    The large-scale exercise Siil began on May 2. Various scenarios were rehearsed during the exercise, in the course of which the Police and Border Guard Board, Rescue Board, the Kaitseliit (Defense League) volunteer corps, Estonian defense forces, local governments and other organizations as well as allied units and those of the armed forces of partner states practiced cooperation. The exercise was attended by over 18,000 people from 19 states.

    Failure to report for a training exercise is punishable with a fine of up to 300 units or arrest.

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    • Published: 10.01.2019 19:12
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