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Russia launches military exercise involving Iskander missiles in Kalinigrad region

MOSCOW, July 11 (LETA--INTERFAX) - Russia has launched a tactical military exercise in Kaliningrad region that involves Iskander missiles, Russian military officials said on Wednesday.

Missile units of the 11th Army Corps of Russia's Baltic Fleet participate in the exercise, Captain 1st rank Roman Martov told Interfax.

According to Martov, the current drill is part of Russia's regular exercises. Units that participate in the exercise have to complete a loaded march to a predetermined location where Iskander tactical missiles are to be deployed. The objective is to check units' combat readiness.

Western experts believe that Iskander missiles, which can also carry nuclear warheads, have a range of 50 kilometers to 500 kilometers and therefore can hit targets as far away as the Baltic countries, Poland and southern Sweden.

Published: 11.07.2018 16:29

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