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Estonian defense chief: NATO deterrence must be seen to with rapidly transferable forces

TALLINN, May 16, BNS - NATO's deterrence must be ensured with rapidly transferable forces which have been trained in interoperability, commander of the Estonian defense forces Gen. Riho Terras said at a meeting of the NATO Military Committee on Wednesday, which discussed details of the alliance summit to be held in July.

"For Estonia it's important that NATO's military deterrence was ensured with rapidly transferable forces which have been trained in interoperability. Our aim during the run-up to the NATO summit is for the defense plans to be drawn up based on the real security situation, which means that the speed of the transfer of troops is critical," Terras said according to spokespeople.

The NATO Military Committee also discussed matters related to reinforcing the southern flank of the alliance and updating the NATO command structure.

The defense chief said that Estonia supports an equal approach in dealing with all security challenges.

"Estonia considers stability on the NATO southern flank as important. We have solidarity with allies and we support with real force where our skills and experiences permit. For instance, we will significantly increase our military contribution in Afghanistan and Mali shortly," Terras said.

On Tuesday, the commander of the Estonian defense forces took part in a meeting of the European Union Military Committee, which discussed matters related to the so-called military Schengen, or cross-border military mobility.

"It is necessary to invest in infrastructure -- first and foremost in bridges and the road network -- to be able to move the heavy weaponry and personnel of allies within hours and days if necessary, and to work with legislation to reduce the red tape hindering the transfer of armed forces," Terras said.

As the longest serving member of the EU Military Committee, Terras was elected chairman of the body bringing together the commanders of the defense forces of EU member states.

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Published: 16.05.2018 16:49

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