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Estonian minister: Trade, security were not linked together at NATO summit
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    Estonian minister: Trade, security were not linked together at NATO summit

    BRUSSELS, Jul 12, BNS - Matters of trade and security were not linked together during discussions at the NATO summit in Brussels on Wednesday and Thursday, Estonian Foreign Minister Sven Mikser told BNS in an interview on Thursday.

    "They are interconnected in a certain sense and on a certain level indeed, and they also affect the sentiment between the member states both ways, but these topics were not unequivocally linked together at the negotiating table today and yesterday," Mikser said in the interview given on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Brussels.

    He said it is clear that the current U.S. administration views the existing trade regimes as unfair towards the United States and that from the viewpoint of Europe the situation is different.

    Mikser said that there are many analysts in the United States who find that the application of tariffs to different goods that the country is importing from, say, Europe, Canada, Mexico or Asia may undermine several branches of U.S. industry and economic growth in general.

    "Estonia is and will continue to be a believer in free trade. We believe that the possibility to get to the market with one's products is not a zero-sum game and liberal trade is something that supports economic growth on both coasts of the Atlantic, provided that one is able to reach agreement on how to do it in a right and fair manner," the minister added.

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    • Published: 12.07.2018 19:26
    • LETA, BNS
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