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Head of NATO units serving in Estonia gets mission medal
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    Head of NATO units serving in Estonia gets mission medal

    TALLINN, Mar 14, BNS – Col. Giles Harris, the head of the NATO units serving in Estonia, was awarded a mission medal on Thursday.

    In addition to Col. Harris, several members of the British military serving at his staff received mission medals, spokespeople for the Estonian Defense Ministry said. 

    "The presence of allies in Estonia has been one of the biggest endeavors for our defense policy in the past decade and Col. Harris with his team have helped make it reality within two years," the secretary general of the Estonian Defense Ministry, Kristjan Prikk, said. He said that the allied battle group serving at Tapa has integrated well with units of the Estonian defense forces.

    The ceremony was attended also by the British ambassador to Estonia, Theresa Bubbear, and the commander of the Estonian defense forces, Maj. Gen. Martin Herem.

    The NATO battle group currently made up of British and Belgian personnel started service in Tapa at the beginning of April 2017 and is a part of the 1st Infantry Brigade of Estonia. This month the rotation manned by the Yorkshire Regiment will be replaced by the Royal Hussars of the British Army along with an increased amount of heavy equipment, including tanks.

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    • Published: 14.03.2019 18:49
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