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Estonian defense forces yet to find components of missile accidentally launched by fighter
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    Estonian defense forces yet to find components of missile accidentally launched by fighter

    TALLINN, Aug 10, BNS - Members of the Estonian Defense Forces have not yet found details of the missile accidentally fired by a Spanish fighter jet on Tuesday and the search for the components will continue at the supposed location of the missile in the Endla nature park in central Estonia.

    Aivo Vahemets, spokesperson at the headquarters of the defense forces, told BNS on Friday that the search is ongoing but added that there are currently no news.

    The Air Force has previously announced that it is a boggy area near the Endla nature park and that there is no human settlement there.

    On Tuesday at 3:44 p.m. a Spanish Eurofighter on NATO Baltic air policing duty accidentally fired an air-to-air missile in a north-northwesterly direction while over Pangodi in the Estonian airspace, six kilometers off the ground.

    According to commander of the Air Force Col. Riivo Valge, it will be investigated why such a thing happened and experts from different fields are to provide their assessments on how to avoid similar incidents in the future.

    Chief of staff of the Estonian Defense Forces Maj. Gen. Martin Herem said that the incident is very extraordinary. At the same time, carrying out flight exercises is necessary and fighters need to carry weapons because otherwise there is not point in these, he added.

    Herem said that the commander of the Estonian Air Force should not be responsible for the event as his role in launching the missile was minor.

    According to Valge, the Estonian Air Force was notified in a few minutes about the incident and in the following half an hour the details of the incident were checked. About an hour later the air force forwarded the information to its cooperation partners, including the Police and Border Guard Board.

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    • Published: 10.08.2018 10:13
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