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Four weapons manufacturers make offers in Estonia's automatic firearms procurement
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    Four weapons manufacturers make offers in Estonia's automatic firearms procurement

    TALLINN, Jan 31, BNS - Four weapons manufacturers have filed an offer in the tender for a contract to supply automatic firearms to the Estonian defense forces and other armed structures.

    By Tuesday noon, weapons manufacturers Heckler & Koch, Sig Sauer, Lewis Machine & Tool Company and Patriot Ordnance Factory had filed offers in the automatic firearms tender, spokespeople for the Estonian Center for Defense Investment told BNS.

    The Center for Defense Investment wishes to buy new 5.56-millimeter and 7.62-millimeter automatic firearms for the 1st and 2nd Infantry Brigades in the tender that was announced in June. Nine of the 14 applications by manufacturers of firearms to pre-qualify for the procurement were granted and five rejected.

    The Center for Defense Investment by the end of March will assess, whether the offers meet the set minimum requirements, and will present qualifying tenderers with the proposal of negotiations and making a competitive price offer based on the requirements specified during the negotiations. The plan is to reach the signing of a contract in the second half of the year.

    The aim of the tender is to buy new automatic firearms for the 1st and 2nd Infantry Brigade. Besides the defense forces, the Ministry of Justice and the Police and Border Guard Board have been included in the procurement as they are also in need of new firearms. The technical specifications have been drawn up by the defense forces.

    According to the procurement plan, the center is to buy about 11,000 automatic firearms in 2018-2021. In addition, the contract has to enable to buy up to 18,000 more automatic firearms until 2024.

    The expected maximum cost of the procurement is 75 million euros. It is one of Estonia's biggest and most important armament contracts in the next decade, besides the K9 self-propelled artillery and ammunition.

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    • Published: 31.01.2018 12:38
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