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Estonian Navy explodes mine on Balticconnector route

TALLINN, Nov 14, BNS – The crew of the Estonian Navy's minehunter Sakala on Monday detonated an anchor mine from the era of WWII some 12 nautical miles to the west of Naissaar Island, on the route of the future Balticconnector undersea gas pipeline between Estonia and Finland.

"The mine detonated by the crew was fully destroyed and no longer poses a threat to anyone," the commander of the Sakala, Lt. Cmdr. Annes Babenko, said according to spokespeople for the military headquarters.

The EMC II naval mine of German origin was found on the sea bottom at a depth of 56 meters 12 nautical miles west of Naissaar. Explosive substance made up almost half of the mine's total weight of 450 kilograms.

Balticconnector, a 150-kilometer pipeline to connect the national gas networks of Estonia and Finland, is to be completed by 2020. Eighty kilometers of the pipeline will lie on the sea bottom.

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Published: 14.11.2017 11:12

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