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Estonia sees steep drop in number of conscripts terminating service early in 2018
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    Estonia sees steep drop in number of conscripts terminating service early in 2018

    TALLINN, Mar 14, BNS - The percentage of soldiers released from conscript military service early was 11.4 in Estonia in 2018, compared with 18.8 percent in 2017 and 20 percent in 2016, figures presented to the government by Defense Minister Juri Luik on Thursday show. 

    The minister described an increase in the number of active-service military personnel by 135 to a total of 3,422 by the end of the  year, by 12 more than planned, as the most notable achievement of last year. 

    "This increase demonstrates that the measures applied in recent years, such as raising the average pay of active-service military personnel to a level 33 percent higher than the average pay in Estonia, are bearing their first fruit," Luik said.

    "As important is the reduction by half in the number of cases of early termination of military service," he said.

    Of persons liable to national defense obligation, 43 met valid health requirements last year, compared with 36 percent in 2017.

    One-third of the young people who enter conscript service do it as volunteers, preferring to enter the service immediately after high school. 

    Also in 2018, the government ruled in favor of a proposal of the minister of defense to raise the benefit for the child of a conscript six times from 50 euros to 300 euros a month, and also the allowance for reservists for participation in reservist training was raised.

    During the year 3,376 men and 27 women entered conscript service, which is more than the annual target set for the Defense Resources Agency.

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    • Published: 14.03.2019 17:07
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