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Estonian combat engineers put armored machinery to test in field demo exercise
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    Estonian combat engineers put armored machinery to test in field demo exercise

    TALLINN, Apr 09, BNS - The ability of battle machinery of the Pioneer Battalion, the Scouts Battalion, the Viru Infantry Battalion and allies to overcome anti-vehicle barriers put up by Estonian combat engineers was tested during a field demo exercise at the Estonian defense forces' central training ground on Monday.

    "We wanted to demonstrate how the equipment of the Estonian defense forces and allies is able to overcome obstacles built by combat engineers," said the officer in charge of the demo exercise, Capt. Aigar Allika.

    Allika said that the audience had an excellent opportunity to see what kind of barriers combat engineers build and how various pieces of armored machinery handle them.

    In total, the Pioneer Battalion set up nine different terrain obstacles and barriers from wood, as well as a concrete barrier 80 centimeters high.

    The equipment that took part in the demo exercise included a British Trojan pioneer tank and a Challenger 2 main battle tank, CV9035 armored fighting vehicles of the Estonian Scouts Battalion and SISU XA188 armored personnel carriers of the Viru Infantry Battalion.

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    • Published: 09.04.2018 17:39
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