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Estonian defense chief gets acquainted with Swiss mobilization system
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    Estonian defense chief gets acquainted with Swiss mobilization system

    TALLINN, Mar 09, BNS - Commander of the Estonian Defense Forces, Gen. Riho Terras met, with his Swiss counterpart, Lt. Gen. Philippe Rebord and got acquainted with the Swiss mobilization system.

    "The backbone of the national defense of both Switzerland and Estonia are well-trained reservists who know their wartime unit, gathering place and the tasks of themselves as well as their unit when they are called to serve," Terras was quoted by spokespeople as saying.

    "Switzerland has proven over the years that a national defense system based on a reserve force works and we have a lot to learn from their experience. At the same time, Estonia also has many positive lessons to share with its Swiss colleagues in the field of mobilization," he added.

    Terras visited the mobilization point of the Swiss Armed Forces and got an overview of the organization of conscript service and infantry training, and observed a reservist training.

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    • Published: 09.03.2018 19:23
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