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Estonian Natl Defense College to be renamed Estonian Natl Defense Academy
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    Estonian Natl Defense College to be renamed Estonian Natl Defense Academy

    TALLINN, Feb 08, BNS - The Estonian National Defense College (KVÜÕA) will be renamed the Estonian National Defense Academy, the corresponding draft statutes to be approved by the Ministry of Defense also include changes in the institution's structure. 

    The draft statutes to the Estonian National Defense Academy that are about to exit the ministry aim to rename the institution and change the structure thereof pursuant to the proposals by the college's supervisory board.

    The changes in the structure of the National Defense College are an unavoidable step, which stems from the development of the defense forces, Col. Enno Mots, head of the institution, said. He added that the changes will ensure that the college will be able to provide the level of military education expected from it.

    "The changes that have occurred step by step in the defense forces and military education have reached a point where we had to change KVÜÕA in order to effectively fulfill the needs of the Estonian defense forces," Mots said, adding that over the years, units have been changed in the defense forces, new commands have been created and new armored vehicles have been introduced. Mots said that in the coming years, the defense forces will concentrate on creating two new rapid response infantry brigades, which are to be fully manned, armed and equipped.

    "As an educational institution, we have monitored those vigorous developments and, in order to support them, we have significantly increased various functions, which, however, are at times pulling the institution in divergent directions. In terms of chains of command, the current structure has increased both in their scope as well as depth and the supervisory board of KVÜÕA has proposed to change the structure, which was created 20 years ago, in order to effectively meet the new needs of the defense forces," the head of the college said. 

    With the changes in the structure, the Commander of Officers School and the Battle School are to form training corps, research will be conducted by the applied research department and the functions of the center for conflict and catastrophe medicine will be retained in their current capacity, Mots said. 

    According to the notes accompanying the draft, the change requires a communication campaign aimed at introducing the new name to the public. Pertinent costs will be covered by redistributing existing instruments; an increase in the institution's budget is not envisaged. 

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    • Published: 08.02.2019 15:36
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