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British unit of allied battle group in Estonia changes
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    British unit of allied battle group in Estonia changes

    TALLINN, Mar 15, BNS - The Yorkshire Regiment on Thursday handed over responsibility as the British contingent of the NATO battle group stationed in Estonia to King's Royal Hussars.

    The new commander of the allied battle group, Lt. Col. Gus Tilney, said that the exciting challenge to integrate into the 1st Infantry Brigade awaits their unit. He said that working together, King's Royal Hussars will definitely learn from Estonians and with Estonians and obtain experiences offered by the local environment. 

    The new unit is a heavy armored unit, which means that more tanks will be added to the heavy equipment deployed to the Tapa base, military spokespeople in Tallinn said. Just as with the other British units deployed here, the unit's heavy equipment includes  Challenger 2 tanks which are the unit's principal weapon.

    The beginnings of King's Royal Hussars date back 300 years. During its existence, the unit has been based in Northern Ireland and Canada and in the past decades it has performed service duties in Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Iraq.

    Over 1,000 military personnel serve in the allied battle group stationed in Tapa, Estonia. Apart from King's Royal Hussars, the battle group is made up of members of a Belgian contingent at present.

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    • Published: 15.03.2019 12:38
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