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Estonia: Parlt panel supports giving defense industry cos right to handle military weapons

TALLINN, Apr 16, BNS – Estonian parliament's national defense committee supported a bill of amendments to the Weapons Act, Strategic Goods Act, Explosive Substances Act and other laws which, when adopted by the parliament, would give Estonian defense industry companies the right to handle military weapons and munitions.

The national defense committee supported the bill of amendments and sent it for the first reading in the parliament, which is to take place at the beginning of May, chairman of the committee Hannes Hanso told BNS on Monday.

Private companies in Estonia so far did not have the legal framework to handle military weapons and munitions, starting from manufacturing, transport and storage to maintenance, repair and disposal. Once the law enters into force, businesses would also have the opportunity to participate in invitations to tender for military goods in Estonia as well as abroad.

Estonian defense industry businesses are prepared to manufacture several goods associated with the defense field and stand out as the developers and manufacturers of so-called smart solutions. At the same time, it is of critical importance from the point of view of Estonia's military protection that businesses located in Estonia are also capable of manufacturing military weapons, ammunition and munitions as well as of performing the maintenance of military weapons that are necessary for protection.

The Estonian Defense Industry Association has estimated that the changes could result in possible future sales of approximately 60 million euros per year for Estonian businesses and the creation of 150 new jobs.

The committee sent the bill to the plenary assembly of the Riigikogu for May 2 with a proposal to conclude the first reading.

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Published: 16.04.2018 17:58

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