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Conscripts of Estonia's Viru battalion rehearse combat with Belgian allies
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    Conscripts of Estonia's Viru battalion rehearse combat with Belgian allies

    TALLINN, Mar 15, BNS – Conscripts of the Viru Infantry Battalion of the Estonian defense forces rehearsed actions in mounting an attack as a platoon with the Belgian unit of the NATO battle group in Northeastern Estonia earlier this week. 

    The purpose of the exercise was to give soldiers of the infantry company as realistic an experience as possible in attacking an enemy in the composition of a platoon. The role of the enemy in the exercise was played by members of the defense forces of Belgium, spokespeople for the defense headquarters in Tallinn said.

    The commander of the infantry company, Lt. Priit Podersalu, highlighted the good lessons gained from the exercise that ended on Thursday. He said that where normally conscripts rehearse fighting a unit that has received the same kind of training as they have, this time around the soldiers could put themselves to the test attacking a unit totally unknown to them. 

    "The enemy, played by professional members of the Belgian defense forces, created a rather truthful training environment for our soldiers, which directed the men to very strictly observe battlefield discipline, use concealed movement and try to outsmart the enemy," Podersalu said.

    In the course of the conduct of both a rapid and a planned attack, the soldiers also rehearsed clearing passages through obstacles, ordering of indirect fire support and engaging in cooperation with other units of a mechanized infantry battalion such as snipers and a mortar unit.

    In total, almost 120 Estonian soldiers and over 30 Belgian personnel took part in the three-day exercise.

    Next week, soldiers of the infantry company of the Viru Infantry Battalion will further hone their attack skills and rehearse actions in defense. Platoon-level training will culminate in a live-fire shooting exercise in the final week of March, after which company-level training will start.

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    • Published: 15.03.2019 15:01
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