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Estonia: Child allowance for conscripts to increase sixfold
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    Estonia: Child allowance for conscripts to increase sixfold

    TALLINN, Dec 06, BNS - The Estonian government at its sitting on Thursday decided to increase sixfold the allowance for children of conscripts and persons in alternative service.

    The government approved a proposal by the Ministry of Defense to change the size of the allowance for children of conscripts and persons in alternative service and raise it from 50 euros to 300 euros per month.

    The increase in allowance for children of conscripts is based on the support for a minor child provided by the Family Law Act, which lays down that the monthly support payment for one child shall not be less than half of the minimum monthly wage established by the government. The current minimum wage is 500 euros, which means the monthly minimum support payment is 250 euros.

    The allowance is added to the monthly support received by conscripts or persons in alternative service. Depending on the duration of service, the latter amounts from 100 to 200 euros per month.

    Over a period of five years, on average, 60 children receive said allowance. This year, the allowance has been paid to 48 children.

    The regulation will enter into force on Jan. 1.

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    • Published: 06.12.2018 12:06
    • LETA, BNS
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