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Estonian PM: NATO umbrella is steady, its deterrence is powerful
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    Estonian PM: NATO umbrella is steady, its deterrence is powerful

    BRUSSELS, Jul 11, BNS - Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas prior to the NATO summit in Brussels on Wednesday said that the cornerstone of NATO's transatlantic security, the umbrella of the alliance is steady and deterrence is powerful.

    "One of the main values of the summit today and tomorrow is to show unity and solidarity," Ratas said upon his arrival at NATO headquarters in response to a question by a reporter of the Estonian public broadcaster ERR.

    "It is important for Estonia how quickly we can move forces, what our readiness is like. It is also important for us that we all make an effort toward the two percent [defense spending pledge], as agreed," the prime minister said, adding that altogether eight NATO countries are to reach that goal this year.

    According to Ratas, the European member states of NATO and Canada have raised their defense spending and this is a direction that Estonia supports.

    "When we speak about the transatlantic relationship and security dimension, NATO is the main cornerstone and all 29 member states value that," the prime minister said.

    According to Ratas, the United States is very strongly in Europe and when we talk about NATO's Enhanced Forward Presence, the U.S. forces are there in Poland in the framework of it. "I am entirely convinced that the NATO umbrella is steady and strong and its deterrence is powerful," the prime minister said.

    Baltic News Service

    • Published: 11.07.2018 16:20
    • LETA, BNS
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