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Estonia: Defensive, offensive actions drilled at Saber Strike exercise
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    Estonia: Defensive, offensive actions drilled at Saber Strike exercise

    TALLINN, Jun 13, BNS - Estonian and allied units drilled defensive and offensive actions in the second phase of the large-scale Saber Strike training exercise that ended on Tuesday.

    Scouts Battalion and participating allied units practiced defensive and offensive actions at company level at the Estonian defense forces' central training ground, spokespeople for the headquarters of the defense forces said.

    Taking part in the four-day joint training phase of the two-week exercise were Scouts Battalion, the allied battle group, a company of the U.S. military police, and a Finnish combat engineer unit. The participating units formed two groups one of which performed offensive actions and the other drilled deterrence and defensive actions. Air support was provided by U.S. fighters F-16 and Robinson R-44 helicopters of the Estonian defense forces.

    "Cooperation with Finnish pioneers was very positive and useful for both sides. Their unit was able to rehearse several actions such as installing bridges in real places, digging ditches and building roads, which they often cannot do at their own trainings," Lt. Harri-Mait Kreitsman from Scouts Battalion said, adding that it was good to compare skills, capabilities and work routines and learn from it.

    The third and final phase of the exercise consists of a command post training in which staffs of the 1st Infantry Brigade will take part.

    Involved in the drills is also the Tartu-based simulation training center of the defense forces which supports the training with its infrastructure and know-how. During the exercise the center will host approximately 170 foreign personnel.

    Saber Strike, the 2018 edition of which runs until June 15, is an annual large-scale exercise held by U.S. Army Europe. Some 18,000 defense personnel are taking part in the exercise in the Baltic countries and Poland, including over 2,000 in Estonia.

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    • Published: 13.06.2018 12:41
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