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Estonian defmin highlights outgoing defense chief's good cooperation ability
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    Estonian defmin highlights outgoing defense chief's good cooperation ability

    TALLINN, Dec 04, BNS - Commander of the Estonian defense forces Gen. Riho Terras, who is to hand over the position to Maj. Gen. Martin Herem on Tuesday, stood out as someone with a good cooperation ability, Minister of Defense Juri Luik said.

    "Gen. Terras is an educated and broad-minded leader, who considered important the development of fully trained, armed and equipped units that have also been assessed at reservist training and would be able to respond quickly," Luik said. 

    "The development of the defense forces into the current state of confidence has demanded fortitude, thorough personal wealth of experience ranging from the realities of infrastructure development to the finesses of strategic planning, as well as a sensitive diplomatic nerve for international communication from the commander of the defense forces. Under the leadership of Terras, cooperation with allies reached a completely new quality. The arrival of allied forces and the integration of them into the Estonian units was carried out, which is the key element in NATO's deterrence stance," the minister said. 

    Luik emphasized that Gen. Terras gave priority to the cooperation of the Ministry of Defense and the defense forces, which enabled to develop national defense smoothly and according to plan. "Great thanks to Gen. Terras for his service," the minister said.

    Luik added that Maj. Gen. Martin Herem is a worthy successor in the position of commander of the defense forces. "I am glad that we are not faced with a radical change in direction. For years, Gen. Terras and Maj. Gen Herem have served as a uniform team, their efforts have born a uniform goal. Thus, I can be certain that the development of the defense forces both in terms of independent defense and cooperation with allies will continue to be good. I wish Maj. Gen. Herem strength in his service," the minister said.

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    • Published: 04.12.2018 10:37
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