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Estonian govt to consider status of forces agreement with Mali
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    Estonian govt to consider status of forces agreement with Mali

    TALLINN, Jun 13, BNS - An agreement with Mali dealing with the status of an Estonian military unit to be deployed there will come under discussion in the Estonian government on Thursday.

    The government will on Thursday consider an intergovernmental agreement with Mali that concerns the status of the Estonian unit participating in operation Barkhane, spokespeople for the government said.

    Estonia's participation in the French-led anti-terrorist operation Barkhane is planned to last for one year. The agreement regulates the status of the Estonian contingent during that time. Its provisions cover the privileges, immunity and concessions granted to Estonian troops, their entry into Malian territory and movement therein, possession and carrying of weapons, and mutual responsibility in the event of damage.

    In drawing up and negotiating the agreement, the goal was to make it as similar as possible to the French-Malian status of forces agreement so it can be effectively implemented in conjunction with the French armed forces.

    The parliament has given permission to use up to 50 active service personnel in the mission. The plan is to send to Mali a mechanized infantry platoon, a support element and staff officers. The Estonian contingent will be tasked with protecting the base and patroling its environs. They must also be ready to fulfill tasks requiring rapid response. The platoon to be deployed to Mali will be formed of members of Scouts Battalion.

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    • Published: 13.06.2018 18:19
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