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Still not clear how much time will be needed to extinguish fire in Adazi

RIGA, June 12 (LETA) - The fire that has been raging in the Adazi military training ground since last weekend has been brought under control and the flames are no longer spreading but it is unclear how much time will be needed to extinguish the fire completely, Zigmunds Jaunkikis, a representative of the State Forest Service, told LETA.

He added that intensive firefighting efforts would continue today.

Jaunkikis said that the blaze which on Monday started spreading again as the wind gathered strength, did not reach any dangerous objects and that people were unharmed. The fire affected a forest and a marsh, but did not damage buildings or equipment.

Today, surveying works will begin to determine the size of the territory affected by the fire. The exact size of the affected area should be clear by the end of this week, Jaunkikis said.

As reported, the fire in Adazi military training area broke out around noon on Sunday.

Although firefighters had succeeded in containing the flames at one point on Monday, the blaze started spreading again as the wind gathered strength, so the rescue works resumed with increased intensity in the afternoon.

Fighting the fire in Adazi were personnel and transport equipment of State Forest Service and the State Fire and Rescue Service and troops and a helicopter of the National Armed Forces were involved in the operation as well.

Published: 12.06.2018 11:13
Arta Goba, LETA

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