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Estonia's defense industry cluster signs cooperation deal with German cyber authority

TALLINN, Sep 13, BNS - The Estonian Defense and Security Industry Innovation Cluster has signed a cooperation agreement with the Cybersecurity Council of Germany to promote economically sustainable cooperation in cyber security with an international approach.

The agreement was signed by the head of the Estonian Defense and Security Industry Innovation Cluster, Ingvar Parnamae, and the president of the Cybersecurity Council of Germany, Philipp von Saldern, on the fringes of the DSEI 2017 defense and security industry fair in London, spokespeople for the Estonian cluster said.

Parnamae described the agreement as a landmark, as it allows to strengthen both cross-sectoral cooperation and cooperation between individual companies.

"The focus of cooperation between Estonia and Germany in the cyber field is both on the unification of standards as well as developing new standards to support a sustainable global economic structure for cyber defense that would support both electronic commerce as well as security," he said.

Parnamae said the agreement stands to make a contribution to the vigorous development of European and global cyber security because both Estonia and Germany are important pioneers of the sector.

Saldern said that the Estonian Defense and Security Industry Innovation Cluster brings together extensive know-how in the field of cyber defense and it is good to learn from each other's experiences and know-how. Information exchanges between the clusters are good for the development businesses of the cyber domain of both countries by enabling to implement ideas faster and on a high level of quality, the president of the Cybersecurity Council of Germany added.

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Published: 13.09.2017 18:42

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