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Latvian government appoints Muiznieks as University of Latvia rector
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    Latvian government appoints Muiznieks as University of Latvia rector

    RIGA, March 26 (LETA) - The government on Thursday in a remotely conducted meeting appointed Indrikis Muizniek as the University of Latvia rector without any discussions.

    The government's decree said that on Augut 4, 2015, Muiznieks was appointed for the first four-year term. His term in the office has expired, therefore it is necessary to appoint him to another term as in June 2019 as the Constitutional Assembly of the University elected him as the rector.

    On May 24, Muiznieks was supported with 141 votes, while 143 members voted against him at the Constitutional Assembly. The other candidate – Gundars Berzins – received 128 votes, while 156 members voted against him.

    Initially the regulations were interpreted so that the winner is the one who received more votes in his support. However, after protests from students and other institutions, Muiznieks ordered to convene an extraordinary meeting in order “to strengthen the rule of law and the university’s reputation”.

    In the second meeting, Muiznieks was elected with 132 votes to 112, while nine voting slips were not valid. Delegates this time voted only on one candidate who won the majority of votes at the first stage in May.

    After prolonged discussions in August 2019, the government decided against re-appointing Indrikis Muiznieks as rector of the University of Latvia based on the Education and Science Ministry’s claims of multiple violations in the rector’s election.

    The Administrative District Court ruled the government's decision not to approve the reelection of Indrikis Muiznieks' as University of Latvia rector unlawful. As it ruled in Muiznieks' favor, the court invalidated the government's August 29 decree under which Muiznieks was not reappointed the university's rector. 

    • Published: 26.03.2020 13:52
    • Silvija Reinberga, LETA
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