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Latvia to test Mumbai-Riga container train route this year
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    Latvia to test Mumbai-Riga container train route this year

    RIGA, Feb 15 (LETA) - There is a plan to test a container train route from the Indian city of Mumbai to Riga this year, Verners Lusis, CEO of LDz Logistika, said at a meeting of the Latvian Council of Ports, Transit and Logistics today.

    According to the plan, containers from the port of Mumbai will be shipped by sea to the Iranian port of Banda Abbas. From there, they will be carried by train to Riga.

    “The problem is that there is still no railway in some sections in Iran, which is why from Bandar Abbas containers are being carried by automobiles to Azerbaijan’s border. Iranian officials have said, however, that the construction of the missing railway sections will be completed in March or April and then the containers could be delivered from Mumbai to Riga in 15 days,” Lusis said.

    He added that interests in this route is strong in India and that India ships about 50 million tons of container cargo a year.

    Managers of Latvijas Dzelzcels (Latvian Railways) and its subsidiary LDz Logistika visited India earlier this month to meet with local entrepreneurs and discuss possibilities of shipping Indian cargos through Latvia.

    Latvijas Dzelzcels, which is involved in the development of the International North-South Transport Corridor, offers potential partners access to the Baltic Sea, providing Asian countries the opportunity to deliver their cargos to Western Europe. Work on the transport corridor is one of LDz Logistika’s priorities.

    • Published: 15.02.2017 15:49
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