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Medics help two snakebite victims, six people with sunstroke in Latvia
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    Medics help two snakebite victims, six people with sunstroke in Latvia

    RIGA, June 18 (LETA) - Yesterday medics rushed to help two snakebite victims and six people suffering from sunstroke in Latvia, the Emergency Medical Aid Service reported.

    A 52-year-old man was bitten by a snake while mowing grass near his house in the Riga region, and a one-year old toddler suffered a snakebite in the family garden in the north-eastern Latvian province of Vidzeme. In both cases the snakebite victims had reportedly been attacked by adders, the only species of poisonous snakes that can be encountered in Latvia.

    Also, six people, including three children, were taken to hospital with sunstroke on Saturday when it was very hot in Latvia. In most cases people started feeling unwell after spending a long time in the sun, not drinking enough liquid and neglecting to cover their heads with a cap or a kerchief.

    The paramedics responded to a total of 1,198 medical emergencies yesterday.

    • Published: 18.06.2017 11:18
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