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Prima M suspects arson at its recyclable materials depot in Jurmala
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    Prima M suspects arson at its recyclable materials depot in Jurmala

    RIGA, June 19 (LETA) - Prima M, the company which owns the territory in the Latvian sea-side resort-rown Jurmala where a major fire occurred yesterday, suspects arson.

    The company's board said most probably the fire had been started by arsonists because accidental ignition was impossible in the given situation. The board has suspicions about the identity of arsonists but would not make them public as long as there was no evidence confirming those suspicions.

    Prima M underlined that, contrary to the statements by the State Environment Service, the facility was not an illegal waste dump. The territory was used to store recyclable materials - sorted polymers, and, under the European law, one does not need a permission for sorting and storage of recyclable materials.

    The company said it had not made any security arrangements for the facility because "there was nothing worth stealing". But the owners of the neighboring facility had installed video surveillance and those cameras might have recorded something.

    Prima M admitted they had not taken out an insurance for their facility but refused to give any estimate of the fire damage.

    The Latvian State Police confirmed they had started a criminal proceeding over the fire in Jurmala to investigate a crime against property.

    As reported, a very dangerous fire started in the Sloka area in Jurmala yesterday afternoon as plastic waste caught fire. Flames spread over the area of 1.2 hectares and consumed also a hangar, the State Fire and Rescue Service said. The fire was finally put out around 5 a.m. this morning after the firefighting operation which had lasted for more than 12 hours. About 50 firefighters participated in the operation along with a fire train of the state-owned Latvijas Dzelzcels railway company, two water tenders sent by the State Forest Service and a helicopter of the National Armed Forces.

    The commuter train traffic in the area was temporarily suspended, and the State Fire and Rescue Service advised people to stay away from the fire scene because the smoke from the burning plastic waste could be harmful for health.

    Inga Kolegova, the head of the State Environment Service, said on the public Latvian Television this morning that the fire had started at an illegal waste dump operated by Prima M. The company had been piling up its waste at the given location since October last year but had not obtained any permission to do so.

    • Published: 19.06.2017 12:37
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