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Audit Office finds no obstacles to reorganization or liquidation of several small government institutions
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    Audit Office finds no obstacles to reorganization or liquidation of several small government institutions

    RIGA, Nov 8 (LETA) - There are no obstacles to reorganization or liquidation of several smaller state institutions and agencies, the State Audit Office has concluded after analyzing operations of seventeen minor state institutions.

    The analysis, commissioned by the State Chancellery, was carried out during the first six months this year in order to find out whether these institutions adhered to good governance principles and whether there were any legal obstacles to their reorganization.

    The seventeen institutions examined by the Audit Office included Latvian Institute, Lotteries and Gambling Supervision Inspection, Latvia Sport Museum, Administration of Studies and Research, Latvian Council of Science, Latvian Language Agency, Agency for International Programs for Youth, National Film Center, Culture Information Systems Center, Latvian National Center for Culture, Transport Accident and Incident Investigation Bureau, State Railroad Administration, State Railroad Technical Inspectorate, Legal Aid Administration, Administration of Maintenance Guarantee Fund, Administration of Latvian Environmental Protection Fund, and State Environmental Bureau.

    Fourteen of these institutions told the Audit Office that they provided services important to large part of society, however, only half of them monitored public opinion about the services they provided. The Audit Office has concluded that, in a number of cases, these institutions set themselves unambitious, easy-to-achieve goals, which means that, on paper, their operations are always effective.

    There are no major obstacles to reorganization or liquidation of any of these institutions, the Audit Office has concluded.

    The Audit Office also points to a number of shortages that these institutions will have to rectify if they are not reorganized or liquidated. For instance, many of these institutions have no strategy, which is not only against the law but also goes against good governance practices.

    The Audit Office did not analyze the seventeen institutions' productivity - one of the main preconditions for reorganization or liquidation of a state institution.

    The Audit Office recommends the Cabinet of Ministers to use the findings of the analysis in further assessment of these institutions' performance.

    As reported, the State Chancellery's head Janis Citskovskis told LETA this past June that he was considering reforming small government institutions, such as Latvian Institute, Council of Science, Data State Inspectorate and others.

    Citskovskis said he had identified 24 institutions with a small number of employees. For example, Latvian Institute has a staff of five, Latvian Council of Science has seven employees, State Railroad Administration eleven, and Data State Inspectorate 25 employees.

    The State Chancellery asked the Audit Office to assess the situation at small government institutions and will take the decision on reforming them after receiving state auditors' opinion.

    Citskovskis added that he had no intention to liquidate the small agencies but they would be merged with larger organizations or among themselves.

    • Published: 08.11.2017 12:38
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