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Latvians feel more optimistic about country's future - Barometer survey
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    Latvians feel more optimistic about country's future - Barometer survey

    RIGA, Nov 10 (LETA) - Public opinion about the situation in Latvia and its future development has improved in October compared to September, according to the latest Latvian Barometer survey released by Baltic International Bank.

    All indices analyzed in the survey moved up in October, with the steepest rise recorded for the perception of the overall situation in Latvia and changes in the national economy (by 10 points and 9 points respectively).

    The index reflecting people's opinion of the development of the overall situation in Latvia climbed from minus 32 to minus 22 which is the highest level during the past year.

    The current state of the Latvian economy was approved by 3 percent of respondents but criticized by 49 percent, mostly employees of the private sector.

    As regards development of the Latvian economy over the next 12 months, 17 percent expect the situation to improve while 23 percent said it will become worse. The respective index has moved up from minus 8 to minus 5 points.

    As regards the financial situation of their families, 28 percent of respondents are dissatisfied with it but 16 percent are satisfied. In addition, 17 percent expect positive changes in the family finances in the future while just 11 percent think that the financial situation of their families would become worse in a year.

    At the same time, only 18 percent are satisfied with the Latvian government's performance and 75 percent disapproved of the government's work.

    Also, 8 percent were optimistic about availability of jobs in Latvia but 58 percent shared a negative opinion about employment opportunities.

    Baltic International Bank's Latvian Barometer is a monthly survey examining current processes in areas of economic and social importance. In the first part of the survey, respondents are asked a set of unchanging questions to pinpoint monthly changes in the general mood of the public but the questions in the second part each time deal with a different matter which is currently in the focus of the public attention.

    • Published: 10.11.2017 16:40
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