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Damages from Soviet occupation still downplayed - Latvian MEP
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    Damages from Soviet occupation still downplayed - Latvian MEP

    RIGA, Dec 7 (LETA) - Damages suffered by the countries that were once under the Soviet occupation are still being downplayed, Latvian MEP Inese Vaidere (Unity) said at the presentation of the English-language version of the book about damages to the Baltic states from the Soviet occupation.

    The presentation of the book "Damages Caused by the Soviet Union in the Baltic States" in Brussels with participation of its authors - Andrejs Mezmalis and Gunta Pinke - was attended by a number of MEPs, Vaidere's office said.

    Vaidere stressed that the international community should be aware of what the Soviet Union did to the countries it had occupied, although Russia as the successor of the Soviet Union pretends there are no damages.

    "Only by realizing the lasting negative consequences of the past event we can succeed in avoiding repetition of similar events in the future. It is a complex study that analyzes the negative impact of the occupation regime on the national economy, demography, environment and social sphere in the Baltic states, Poland and Georgia," the Latvian MEP said.

    Russia as the successor of the Soviet Union keeps denying the damage and continues its aggressive foreign policy also today as evidenced by occupation of the territories that belong to Ukraine, regular interference with the internal affairs of Latvia and other countries and organization of different disinformation campaigns, Vaidere said.

    She said that, as long as Russia was ruled by an authoritarian regime, any compensation of Soviet occupation damages was unlikely as only a democracy was capable of such action. But, even if Russia refuses to recognize the damages, it does mean that they do not exist, and the book is a great opportunity to inform my colleagues about the true extent of those damages, the Latvian MEP said.

    • Published: 07.12.2017 19:04
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