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Latvian president in his New Year’s address calls on everyone not to stay aside, participate in decision making
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    Latvian president in his New Year’s address calls on everyone not to stay aside, participate in decision making

    RIGA, Jan 1 (LETA) – Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis in his New Year’s address called on everyone not to stay aside, but participate in decision making.

    He said that the year 2018 will be a unique year. "This will be the 100th year since we have our own and independent country. Freedom is our opportunity as well as our responsibility. Moreover, our achievements will be heard off for many years in the future. Therefore, I call on everyone not to stay aside. I call on everyone to use their opportunities whenever you can see them: helping your family and your contemporaries, eliminating injustice or introducing order where no order has existed, caring for and protecting your country," he said.

    He said that with everybody engaged, people can accomplish the greatest things. "Let us therefore engage, undertake, and participate in decision making at every level. In a free country, everyone has the right to express his or her views and to stand up for the principles that are important to them. Let us use this right with pleasure because that is the true meaning of freedom," the president said.

    The president appealed to use the opportunity when choosing representatives to the Saeima after ten months and to evaluate them already and throughout the year.

    "When joining the European Union, we said "yes" to the common European values, the greater freedom, and multiple opportunities that it gives. While the world is changing, let us stay ahead of changes and do our best to make the star of Latvia twinkle brightly on the European flag," said Vejonis, adding that the next year really will be a year of celebration. In every town and in every region, people have jointly arranged so many presents on the grand birthday of Latvia.

    "Now, before stepping into the 100th year of Latvia, I congratulate you once again, and I call on you sincerely- please, do not stay aside, observe, participate, and create Latvia! Let us live and celebrate this year so that each of us can say with even greater pride and confidence - I am Latvia," Vejonis said.

    • Published: 01.01.2018 09:36
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