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Malfunctions in Latvian e-health system temporary but may reoccur - National Health Service

RIGA, Jan 2 (LETA) - Following a number of complaints about malfunctions of the new e-health system in the first days since the use of the system became mandatory in Latvia, the National Health Service insists that those glitches are temporary but may reoccur in the next few days.

The National Health Service said that the malfunctions were due to the steep increase in the number of users and the documents prepared in the e-health system.

The number of users has increased fourfold compared to early December, while the number of e-prescriptions has soared from on average 6,400 daily to nearly 18,000 today and the number of sick notes entered in the system has also increased from around 700 a day to 5,000 today.

In case of technical malfunctions, patients can still get paper prescriptions and physicians are allowed to register sick notes in the system within the next five working days.

The malfunctions may reoccur during the next few days, as the e-health system has just become mandatory, the National Health Service said.

As reported, using the e-health system became mandatory for all healthcare institutions in Latvia on January 1 but today a number of complaints were received about the new system being too slow and other malfunctions.

Published: 02.01.2018 19:50

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