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Bill banning face-covering to be discussed in Latvian parliamentary factions

RIGA, Jan 2 (LETA) - The Latvian parliamentary committee on human rights and public affairs will resume discussion of the bill about banning face-covering clothing once the bill has been discussed in the parliamentary factions, the committee chairwoman, Inese Laizane (National Aliance), told LETA.

She said that the committee had previously agreed that, considering the objections to the quality of the bill, the Justice Ministry would organize discussions of the legislative proposal in the parliamentary factions. The matter is too important to be decided by the committee members alone and other lawmakers should also participate in the discussion.

When asked whether the bill would be adopted by the current parliament or left to the new parliament to be elected in fall 2018, Laizene said it was hard to say. The adoption of the bill will depend also on whether other lawmakers would consider the matter as urgent, she added.

As reported, the quality of the bill that would ban wearing face-covering clothes or accessories in public places in Latvia was sharply criticized during the committee meeting in November 2017 and other solutions were suggested to deal with the matter.

Published: 02.01.2018 18:45

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