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Experts call for a ban on free interpretation of national anthem
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    Experts call for a ban on free interpretation of national anthem

    RIGA, Jan 3 (LETA) - Latvian national anthem, when sung by a choir, should be performed in A-flat major; depending on the type of choir, the anthem may also be performed in other keys, but never freely interpreted, an expert council of the Latvian Academy of Sciences concluded during a discussion about the national anthem of Latvia, Dievs, sveti Latviju! (God, Bless Latvia!), in November 2017.

    The council was held to discuss how the national anthem was usually performed and instances of botched anthem performances, and the consequences thereof. A number of musicians have pointed out that the regulations on the national anthem of Latvia could be improved.

    The expert council has agreed that, when performed by a choir (mixed, women or men's choir) with instrumental accompaniment, the anthem should be sung in A-flat major, but other choirs may also perform the anthem in different keys. The current, official version of the anthem, as provided in the Law on the National Anthem of Latvia, also is in A-flat major.

    If performed by an individual singer, with or without instrumental accompaniment, the anthem should be in D major.

    The expert council has also agreed that free interpretation of the anthem, for instance, in a jazz or other setting, is unacceptable. The council believes that regulations may be tightened up to ensure that rules on the national anthem are always adhered to.

    The experts said that the tempo of the anthem should be 96 beats per minute or a little faster.

    The expert council also issued recommendations on instances when the abridged version of the anthem may be performed. The council emphasized that the anthem of Latvia may not be changed as "this is one of the most beautiful and emotional anthems in the world".

    • Published: 03.01.2018 17:05
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