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Number of ethnic Latvians voting for Harmony in local elections grows - Riga mayor
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    Number of ethnic Latvians voting for Harmony in local elections grows - Riga mayor

    RIGA, Jan 3 (LETA) - The number of ethnic Latvians, who voted for the Harmony party, had increased in the 2017 local elections in Riga, the Mayor of Riga and the leader of the Harmony, Nils Usakovs, said in an interview to the Russian-language daily Segodnya.

    Of those, who voted for the Harmony in the last local elections in Riga, 60 percent were Russian-speakers and 40 percent were ethnic Latvians, he said.

    The Harmony has thoroughly analyzed the election results and knew in which Riga suburbs the number of its supporters had increased or decreased. For example, the Harmony had won in the Vecaki constituency for the first time in the last elections.

    Moreover, a poll carried out in late August and early September 2017 shows that the Harmony is the most popular party among both Russian-speaking voters and ethnic Latvians in Riga.

    The bloc of the left-wing pro-Russia Harmony party and the regional party Honor to Serve Riga (GKR) received 50.82 percent of votes in the 2017 local elections, which gave it 32 out of 60 seats in the Riga City Council. In the previous local elections in 2013, Harmony/GKR got 58.54 percent of votes or 39 seats in the Riga City Council.

    • Published: 03.01.2018 10:29
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