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Work of Vejonis receives highest assessment among politicians in Latvia – poll
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    Work of Vejonis receives highest assessment among politicians in Latvia – poll

    RIGA, Jan 11 (LETA) – The work of Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis received the highest assessment among Latvian politicians, according to a poll conducted by SKDS pollster and commissioned by Neatkariga Rita Avize daily.

    Just two politicians are listed in the TOP six for respondents of both Latvian-speaking and Russian-speaking families – Vejonis and Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs.

    Among Latvian-speaking families Vejonis has received the highest assessment, but he ranked third among Russian-speaking families. Lembergs, meanwhile, ranked sixth among Latvian-speaking respondents and second among Russian-speaking respondents.

    About 21.3 percent of Latvian-speaking families, and 20.4 percent of Russian-speakers gave a negative assessment of Vejonis’ work, while Lembergs’ work was negatively assessed by 44.5 percent of Latvian speakers and 9.5 percent of Russian speakers.

    Among all respondents, Lembergs ranked second - the number of people approving his work has risen by 2.9 percentage points, while the number of respondents disapproving his work has risen by 0.8 percentage points.

    "It is important for politicians to have a positive rating. There are politicians, however, who have high both positive and negative ratings, but it does not lay any obstacles. For example, [Riga Mayor Nils] Usakovs has a high negative rating among Latvian speakers, but he just does not take it into account," said political researcher Ivars Ijabs.

    According to the survey, the TOP six of Latvian-speaking respondents does not include Usakovs (Harmony) or vice mayor Andris Ameriks (Honor To Serve Riga) who take the first position and the sixth position in the Russian-speaking top.

    • Published: 11.01.2018 11:55
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