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National Alliance, Unity see their ratings go up in February - poll
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    National Alliance, Unity see their ratings go up in February - poll

    RIGA, March 8 (LETA) - The National Alliance and Unity party saw their ratings go up in February, Latvian Television reported citing a new SKDS survey where respondents were asked how they would vote in Saeima elections.

    The rating of Harmony, which still remains the most popular political party in Latvia, was up to 21.2 percent from 20.4 percent a month ago. The Union of Greens and Farmers is currently the second most popular political party with a 14.5 percent voter support, down from 15.3 percent last month. Voter support for the National Alliance, the third most popular party, rose to 7.8 percent from 5.8 percent, and Unity saw its rating grow to 4.6 percent from 2.9 percent.

    The New Conservative Party is back in the fifth position. Its rating has not changed from last month and is at 4.1 percent. These five parties are those who have chances to get into the parliament, according to the television.

    Counting votes of only those respondents who have strongly decided, 34.3 percent would support Harmony, 23.4 percent would vote for Greens/Farmers, 12.6 percent would support the National Alliance, 7.4 percent the Unity, and 6.6 percent the New Conservative Party.

    The Latvian Association of Regions follows with a 2.1 percent voter support, down 0.4 percent. Meanwhile, 1.9 percent of respondents would vote for KVP LV, which is 0.1 percent less than a month ago.

    One fourth of the surveyed people were undecided about their political preferences, and slightly more than 13 percent said that they will not go to the elections.

    • Published: 08.03.2018 08:42
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