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Latvia should reckon with reduced EU financing in future - MEP
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    Latvia should reckon with reduced EU financing in future - MEP

    RIGA, April 15 (LETA) - Latvia should not be hoping that the EU budget would remain the same and that it would continue receiving the EU financing on the current level also after Brexit, Latvian MEP Krisjanis Karins (Unity) told LETA.

    Latvia must realize that there will be less money in the EU budget after 2020 and should revise its practices to make sure that the available EU funding is used rationally, not squandered.

    Karins said that, in his opinion, Latvia had not made the most of the EU money it had received so far. "For years there have been squabbles over minor projects but no proper highways have been built in the country," he said, noting that, for example, Poland had used the EU funding to build good roads.

    The EU contributor countries are also concerned that the EU money is not being used rationally and would like to reduce the Cohesion financing while increasing allocations to research and development. The problem is that the rich Western countries get the lion's share of the R&D financing because that is where the brains and infrastructure are concentrated but only about 3 percent of the funding end up in the Eastern European countries, the Latvian MEP said.

    "Our scientists as individuals participate in foreign projects but we cannot get the financing here, in Latvia, because everyone is fighting with everybody else. To make sure that the future EU financing flowed to Latvia, we must reduce the huge number of institutes to ten or five which would then be able to compete for the funding," he said.

    We must understand that we would sign a death warrant for ourselves, if we failed to consolidate our higher education establishments, Karins said.

    • Published: 15.04.2018 11:47
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