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Teachers' minimum salary raised to EUR 710
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    Teachers' minimum salary raised to EUR 710

    RIGA, Sept 11 (LETA) - Teachers' minimum statutory salary will be increased EUR 30 to EUR 710 in September, the Cabinet of Ministers agreed on Tuesday.

    This is in line with the government's timetable for increasing teachers' salaries from September 1 this year to December 31, 2022, which the government approved at the beginning of this year. According to the schedule, teachers' minimum salary will be EUR 710 as of September 1 this year.

    As a result, the minimum salary will increase for approximately 24,129 school teachers, 12,159 preschool teachers, 6,570 vocational school teachers, 7350 informal education teachers

    The minimum monthly salaries of educational institutions' personnel and principals will also increase accordingly.

    Additional financing necessary to increase teachers' minimum salary from September 1 this year is EUR 6,168 million, while in 2019 and subsequent years - EUR 17.588 million annually.

    This year, the extra funds will come from the Education and Science Ministry's budget and the government's contingency funds.

    Teachers' minimum salary was last increased two years ago, from EUR 420 to EUR 680.

    • Published: 11.09.2018 14:41
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